Mets Group lost over 700 pounds!

MetS Initiative

Find out how you can receive a screening for metabolic syndrome risk factors and participate in a 10-week intervention.


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Gene and JoAnn Waddell Regional Fund for Hospice and Cancer Care

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The Gene and JoAnn Waddell Regional Fund for Hospice and Cancer Care was created to support end-of-life care through Genesis Hospice, and fund cancer prevention services, through screenings and public education. 


Revolutionizing Health Care and Health Care Philanthropy: The Genesis Approach

Genesis Philanthropy exists to help individuals and families living and working in the Genesis Health System service area throughout Eastern Iowa and Western Ilinois.

This bi-state region includes the following counties: (Iowa) Cedar, Clinton, Des Moines, Henry, Jackson, Lee, Louisa, Scott and Muscatine; and (Illinois) Carroll, Henderson, Henry, Knox, Mercer, Rock Island, Warren, and Whiteside. By the year 2015, the total population for the region is projected to be more than 795,000.

To reach into these communities and give people a chance to live longer, healthier lives is the role of Genesis Philanthropy, the vision of our Board volunteers, the dream of our donors, and the work of Affiliate Foundations and community Partners.


Affiliated Foundations of Genesis Philanthropy