MetS Initiative

Genesis Philanthropy is offering an opportunity for 75 individuals to be screened for MetS and if clinically qualified to participate in a 10-week intervention.  Individuals participating in the 10-week program need to have access to a computer with high speed internet (many libraries offer this service).  The program is called Naturally Slim™ and has been offered to employees of Genesis Health System since 2009.  Throughout the last five years, more than 55% of the Genesis employees who had MetS in 2009 no longer have the condition in 2014 thanks to the healthy lifestyle techniques taught by the Naturally Slim™ curriculum.   Each weekly session is about 30 minutes long (the first “kick-off” session is 90 minutes) which can be viewed via the web at any time throughout the week.  The value of this program is $500.  Only those who can commit to completing the 10-week program will be accepted. 

Genesis Philanthropy MetS Initiative Application is now closed. Please check back soon for our next opportunity!

Thank you for your interest in this important program.

Jan Treftz-Allen
Manager, Health Promotion
Genesis Health System

MetS is indicated through a bio-metric screening when 3 or more of 5 identified risk factors are present. The 5 risk factors are:

A waist measurement greater than or equal to 40" for men (35" for women), blood pressure greater than or 130/85; triglycerides greater than or equal to 150; fasting glucose greater than or equal to 100; and HDL cholesterol less than 50 (40 for women).