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Top Things You Should Know About Genesis Philanthropy

  1. Genesis Philanthropy is a not-for-profit organization closely aligned with the mission and vision of Genesis Health System.  Genesis is undergoing transformational change in the way it cares for patients and the broader community. More Genesis resources are being allocated to address our region’s most critical health issues and to reduce the rate of preventable health conditions. Genesis Philanthropy is the philanthropic mirror image of Genesis Health System.
  2. Genesis Philanthropy offers a new and innovative approach to improving the health of our region. By leveraging the power of philanthropy, Genesis is better positioned to take the next step in the health care revolution, moving from caring for sick people to improving the health and wellness of the community. Through a series of donor supported Regional Funds, Genesis Philanthropy is empowering communities to act on the most critical health and wellness challenges. With resources in place, community based partners are engaged to facilitate the initiatives, and track the measurable outcomes.
  3. The time is now for Genesis Philanthropy. Nearly 5% of patients consume 50-60% of all health care resources. Helping patients control or prevent diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, allows them to live well and live longer. Health care philanthropy can be used to engage people in healthy behaviors and to fund evidenced-based prevention strategies.  The approaches leading to successful, measurable outcomes can be then taken to scale and replicated in other communities.
  4. Genesis Philanthropy expands its reach through affiliation with the health care foundations serving Genesis. Three foundations are linked to Genesis Philanthropy and to one another for executing population health strategies. They include the DeWitt Community Hospital Foundation, the Genesis Health Services Foundation, and the Mercer Foundation for Health. By working together, the Affiliates will collect regional data to add to the evidence-based practice for key chronic conditions that plague our communities – and communities across the country.
  5. The Genesis Philanthropy Affiliate Foundations will continue to raise funds locally to invest in their facility and community health needs. Gifts to the local health care foundations are encouraged, valued and necessary to ensure quality, compassionate care for all those in need. Donors may choose to support both their local hospital and a Genesis Philanthropy initiative.
  6. Charitable investments in Genesis Philanthropy will be used to help people lead healthier lives.  Individuals, foundations and corporations are invited to help develop and fund regional population health initiatives around disease prevention, education and awareness. Each regional fund established with a contribution of $250,000 or more may be named in recognition of the donor. Others can contribute any amount to a named fund; the restricted, named fund will survive even after initial gifts have been expended. Gifts of $1,000,000 will create endowed funds from which foundations can draw in perpetuity for infinite community impact.
  7. The first Genesis Philanthropy population health initiative was funded through the Gene and JoAnn Waddell Regional Fund for Hospice and Cancer Care.  Mrs. Waddell gifted $1 million to establish the fund, which honors her late husband, Gene.  Through their extraordinary generosity, the Waddells have created a resource to provide and improve cancer education, care, and prevention, as well as enhance end-of-life care for all patients. The first grants from the Waddell Fund will be used in the early detection of lung cancer, and to promote behavioral changes that reduce the incidences of lung cancer.
  8. Genesis Philanthropy will foster strong partnerships with community based organizations. No single institution will solve the complex health issues that plague our communities. Genesis Philanthropy and its affiliated foundations will partner with community based organizations to execute population initiatives. The YMCA, schools, civic and fraternal organizations, and others will be invited to involve their constituencies in transformational healthcare changes.
  9. Genesis Philanthropy is governed by volunteers. Physicians, community and business leaders, and philanthropists guide the organization, setting priorities for population initiatives, managing resources, and engaging donors in the mission and vision for Genesis Philanthropy.

To learn more about Genesis Philanthropy or to be connected to an Affiliate Foundation, contact Melinda “Missy” Gowey, Executive Director, at 563-421-6860 or

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