Our Approach

Creating Regional Funds for Population Health Initiatives

Genesis Philanthropy is solving our region's most serious health care challenges by using philanthropy to fund innovative and evidence-based solutions. Individuals and families, foundations and corporate donors are invited to establish named regional funds. Grants from these funds will fuel population health initiatives throughout Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois in communities served by Genesis Health System.

Several health care foundations have joined Genesis Philanthropy as Affiliates. They work together, and with other community non-profit Partners, to implement the population health initiatives. While the larger vision and goals for each initiative are shared, the approaches used to achieve the goals are as unique as the communities themselves.

Genesis Philanthropy is led by a volunteer Board of Directors representing the interests of the entire region. The Board works with health care experts to identify and structure the initiatives, to administrator the funds, and to evaluate the impact of grants. The best approaches will be taken to scale in our region, and successes will be shared with other communities throughout the nation.

Affiliate Foundations

DeWitt Community Hospital Foundation
Genesis Foundation
Mercer Foundation for Health
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