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Gene and JoAnn Waddell

Gene and JoAnn Waddell Regional Fund for Hospice and Cancer Care

The Gene and JoAnn Waddell Regional Fund for Hospice and Cancer Care was the first fund created within Genesis Philanthropy. The Waddell's legacy is to support end-of-life care through Genesis Hospice, and fund cancer prevention services, such as screenings and public education. The first grant from the Gene and JoAnn Waddell Regional Fund for Hospice and Cancer Care provided 1000 lung cancer screenings for high-risk individuals. By detecting lung cancer at an earlier stage, patients have a better chance for survival.

Genesis Philanthropy Funds

Genesis Philanthropy maintains two types of funds. We welcome gifts of any size toward solving the problems that plague our individual communities and region as a whole. To create a regional fund in the name of an individual, family or organization, requires a minimum gift of $250,000. Others may contribute any amount to a named fund; these funds provide lasting recognition, even after the monies within the fund are expended. For gifts of $1,000,000 or more, donors may create named endowed funds for perpetual community impact. The earnings will be expended and the principal will remain intact according to the donor's wishes.

"When JoAnn and I were discussing her regional gift for Hospice and cancer care, I was so excited to share the envisioned use. We talked about the impact of her gift and the depth and breadth of her generosity. She and Gene will have a footprint in communities where they never walked. There simply couldn't be a better example of philanthropy and love for mankind." -- Missy Gowey, Executive Director, Genesis Philanthropy

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We invite you to join in this groundbreaking approach to health care and health care philanthropy. Local hospitals serve as an essential fabric of our local community, an integral part in everyone’s life. Through Genesis Philanthropy, hospitals and other health care organizations will become an even more essential ingredient in improving the health and wellness of the community and its individuals.

You can become one of the few who inaugurate such a monumental shift in the way Genesis reaches into its communities to improve the health and life of its community inhabitants. You can become one of the people who allows a mother see her daughter walk down the aisle because she found her cancer in time for a successful treatment... lets a grandfather see his grandson graduate from law school because he learned how to keep his diabetes under control... or allows a child to play on her neighborhood soccer team because she can control her asthma.

You can make a very real difference in the lives of other people while contributing to the national conversation about improving health care. Contact us today to start your fund.

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