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Ways to Join Genesis Philanthropy

Genesis Philanthropy exists because visionary leaders see an opportunity to vastly improve the health of our communities, if we act now. No single approach, or single individual or organization, is the answer to all of our health challenges, but collectively, we can make lasting improvements.

How will our region benefit from improved health and wellness?

  • Longer, better quality of life for our citizens
  • Economic vitality
  • Legacy of wellness for future generations
  • Ability to attract the best and brightest health care professionals

As a Donor

Every gift to Genesis Philanthropy is celebrated! Contributions may be made to establish a Regional Fund -- or to an existing fund to sustain it. The impact of a Regional Fund named for an individual or family lives on even after the fund's resources are exhausted. There's no greater return on investment than better health and wellness. Become a donor today!

As a Partner

Community based organizations are key in the implementation of population health initiatives. These invaluable Partners are a driving force behind behavioral changes and the adoption of health lifestyles.

Because each Affiliate Foundation of Genesis Philanthropy serves as a key member of its community, it also serves as conveners of other community organizations as possible collaborators.

Childhood obesity is a good example of a serious health concern that has the attention of numerous community organizations. Each have attempted to address childhood obesity from their unique perspectives. Through Genesis Philanthropy, the schools, the YMCA and YWCAs, neighborhood organizations, and others can work together to solve this and other complex issues.

Who can become a Partner?

Genesis Philanthropy Partners are qualified non-profit organizations with an established community network. They may receive Genesis Philanthropy or Affiliate Foundation grant funding to assist them in their efforts in achieving the health initiative goals and objectives.

Are you leading or serving a community organization that is striving for a healthier community? Let's draw our community resources together for a stronger community program. Become a Partner today.

As a Volunteer

Genesis Philanthropy relies greatly on its donors and volunteers. From conceiving a population health initiative idea, to connecting with community organizations, to sharing the Genesis Philanthropy story, to involving patients in a population health initiative -- there's always a job requiring the talents of a willing and able volunteer!

Volunteer your time to Genesis Philanthropy and the health of our region.

Affiliate Foundations

DeWitt Community Hospital Foundation
Genesis Foundation
Mercer Foundation for Health

Make a gift today.

Make a Gift

Contribute to a healthier region by establishing a new fund or donating to an existing fund.

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