Published on April 22, 2020

2020 Doctors' Day Tribute

Dr. Steven Aguilar

Dr. Kelly Airey

Dr. Mikka Appel

Dr. Dawn Bode

Dr. Brian Cady

Dr. Mary Campbell

Dr. J. F. Kelly Carroll

Dr. Charlie Cassel

Dr. Edmund Coyne

Dr. Chris Crome

Dr. Navinchandra Dadhanyia

Dr. Myra Daniel

Dr. John Dannenfeldt

Dr. James Darrow

Dr. Michael  DiMarco

Dr. Andrew Edwards

Dr. Emily Farkas

Dr. Blair Foreman

Dr. Averill Fuhs

Dr. Elliot Galey

Dr. Wayne Gallops

Dr. Stewart Garneau

Dr. Michael Gimbel

Dr. Jason Hagemann

Dr. Nidal Harb

Dr. Danita Harrison

Dr. Packy Huettman

Dr. Young Huh

Dr. Suleman Hussain

Dr. Srikanth Reddy Kasula

Dr. Richard Kishiue

Dr. George Kontos

Dr. George Kovach

Dr. Matthew Kraciun

Dr. Reena Kunreddy

Dr. Ajay Labroo

Dr. Peter Laureijs

Dr. Ryan Lee

Dr. Jill Lightfoot

Dr. Alex Locascio

Dr. Joseph L. Lohmuller

Dr. Myles Luszczyk

Dr. Geeta Mahadevia

Dr. Patricia McCaw

Dr. Christa McLaughlin

Dr. David Mercer

Dr. Magdy Mostafa

Dr. Edwin Motto

Dr. Bryant Mutchler

Dr. Matt Neil

Dr. Ann O'Donnell

Dr. Marvin Ohsann

Dr. Martin O'Malley

Dr. Rafat Padaria

Dr. Ann Passini

Dr. John Patton

Dr. Andrew Philip

Dr. Micheal Porubcin

Dr. Vijay Rajendran

Dr. Austin Ramme

Dr. Brad Ray

Dr. Brigit Ray

Dr. Steven Ray

Dr. Michael Schreck

Dr. Christel Seemann

Dr. Peter Sharis

Dr. M. Walid Al Sheika

Dr. Nancy Short

Dr. Stephen Sorensen

Allison Sowers, PA-C

Dr. Steven Strom

Dr. Martha Thronton

Dr. Karl Treiber

Dr. Jean Wardlow

Dr. William Witcik

Dr. Brian Witt

Dr. Humphrey Wong

Reviewed by Annulka Shipp on April 15, 2020

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Saving a loved one's life.

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