2017 Doctors' Day Tribute

Dr. M. Walid Al Sheikha

Special Message: I feel very fortunate to have Dr. Al Sheikha as my physician.

Dr. Kurt A. Andersen

Special Message:  Although Bob died in December 2014, I know he would join me in thanking Dr. Andersen for his care during our illness.  Also, his staff is great (Sarah especially).

Dr. Mikka M. Appel

Dr. Gena L. Benoit

Special Message:  Thank you, Dr. Benoit and Bethanne, for providing such excellent care for me.

Dr. Dawn Bode

Special Message:  I want you to know how very much I appreciate your caring for me.  God bless you, dear heart.  You certainly have been a blessing to me.

Dr. Christopher Boone

Dr. Robert H. Brewer

Special Message:  Thank you for helping to get my heart beat down, and for coming to Trinity-Bettendorf to talk with me about my condition in November 2014.  I will be forever grateful for your knowledge and care that I received at Genesis East.

Dr. Brian T. Cady

Dr. Artemio L. Cajigal

Special Message:  Dr. Cajigal is not only a great doctor for his patients but he is also a great friend and my buddy.

Dr. Mary M. Campbell

Dr. J. F. Kelly Carroll

Dr. Conway Chin

Dr. Matthew C. Christophersen

Dr. Michael A. Cottone

Special Message:  We are pleased with this opportunity to recognize Dr. Cottone for sound professional judgment and services delivered with compassion, consideration and friendship to us over the years.  Many thanks!

Dr. Edmund P. Coyne

Special Message:  I appreciate that Dr. Coyne takes the time to listen and help with any problems.  His staff is very nice also.

Dr. Christopher M. Crome

Special Message:  I feel Dr. Crome had a large impact of my diagnosis with cancer in 2005.  After 8 rounds of chemo, I have been cancer free since that time.  Thank you for your alertness to a simple urine test.

Dr. Myra S. Daniel

Dr. Rob Danielson

Special Message:  You have been a true friend and a great example of Christian living.  We appreciate you and have been blessed by you.  Many thanks!

Dr. John C. Dannenfeldt

Special Message:  He has taken care of us and our family for over 30 years.  Thanks for all your help.

Dr. James A. Darrow

Special Message:  He is very wonderful.  My whole family goes to him.  He visited my sister's husband in Hospice and gave my sister a hug.  We really love him as our doctor and as a friend.

Dr. Andrew D. Edwards

Special Message:   The best doctor ever!

Dr. Emily Farkas

Dr. Michael J. Gimbel

Dr. John W. Golden

Dr. Steven J. Hanas

Special Message:   Dr. Hanas is very patient, caring and takes time to explain things to us.

Dr. Nidal H. Harb

Special Message:   Thank you for all you've done for us.

Dr. Paul R. Hartmann

Dr. Mark E. Hermanson

Special Message:   We appreciate the excellent care you have provided to us for many years

Dr. Debra M. Jaegle

Dr. Kathleen J. Keyes

Special Message:   Dr. Keyes is a genuine, caring person who provides wonderful health care to my heart.  Dr. Richard M. Kishiue

Dr. Robert J. Knudson

Dr. George J. Kontos

Dr. Richard L. Kreiter

Special Message:   Thank you for your caring way you are with each person you take care for.

Dr. Peter J. Laureijs

Dr. Matthew R. Lindaman

Dr. Myles J. Luszczyk

Dr. Akshay K. Mahadevia

Dr. Carolyn K. MartinDr. Joseph G. Martin

Dr. Patricia McCaw

Dr. Curt C. McClellan

Special Message:   We are so very fortunate to have Dr. McClellan and Jody as out kids’ primary care giver.  

Dr. Christa S. McLaughlin

Dr. Harold W. Miller

Special Message:   Our continued thank you to Dr. Miller and his kind staff for treating us in his caring way.

Dr. Joanne Miller

Dr. Edwin V. Motto

Special Message:   Thank you for your many long sufferings for me

Dr. Matthew Neil

Dr. Rafat Padaria

Special Message:   What a delight to have Dr. Padaria as my Cardiologist.  You are very efficient, warm, engaging, and humorous. Thanks for all you do. 

Dr. John J. Patton

Special Message:   We are  grateful to have you as our physician.

Dr. Michael D. Persson

Dr. Vijay Rajendran

Special Message:   Without your very great knowledge I would not have been able to reach my age of 89.

Dr. Stephen C. Rasmus

Dr. Richard R. Ripperger

Special Message:   I thank Dr. Ripperger for two successful shoulder surgeries and a life without pain!

Dr. Jon A. Robken

Special Message:   You and God gave me another 20 years and counting.

Dr. David P. Rohlf

Dr. Micheal E. Schreck

Special Message:   Thank you for your compassionate care that you have me this past year.  

Dr. Nicolas W. Shammas

Dr. Ashish Singh

Dr. Stephen Sorensen

Dr. Karl Treiber

Dr. Michael A. Turner

Dr. Kent J. Van Why

Special Message:   Thanks for all your effort on my behalf.......I have never felt better.

Dr. Tammy J. Wells

Special Message:    I honor Dr. Wells as one of the most kind, caring, giving, patient and wonderful doctors!  She makes each of us feel like we are her only patient and that is very loving.

Alyssa N. Wislander, N.P.

Dr. William J. Witcik

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  • 2017 Doctors' Day Tribute

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