Frequently asked questions about the Metabolic Syndrome Initiative 

How do I get started?

Access the application on the Genesis Philanthropy website. The application period will be announced for the Spring 2019 Class.  When the application period closes, Genesis Philanthropy Affiliates: DeWitt Community Hospital Foundation, Genesis Foundation, and Mercer Foundation for Health will review the applications and accept a limited number of participants.  Applicants will be notified by Genesis Philanthropy via email of acceptance or regret.  

What is Metabolic Syndrome?

Metabolic Syndrome is indicated when an individual has 3 or more of 5 serious risk factors. These risk factors include blood pressure greater than 130/85; triglycerides greater than or equal to 150; fasting glucose greater than or equal to 100; HDL cholesterol less than 50 (40 for women); and a waist measurement greater than or equal to 40" for men (35" for women). Having one or more of these risk factors can significantly increase an individual’s chance of heart attack, stroke and diabetes.

Once I apply for the program, does that mean I am selected for the program?

Submitting an application to Genesis Philanthropy is the first step.  Your application will be reviewed and if accepted, you will be contacted via email.  The second step is to register online with the Naturally Slim ® program, who will also review your application. If accepted, the third step is the required pre health screen for blood pressure, height and weight, waist circumference, and 12 hour fasting blood draw for cholesterol (full lipid panel) and glucose. The Naturally Slim ® program is a component of the Metabolic Syndrome Initiative. 

Do I need an internet connection?

Access to a computer with high speed Internet is required for the Naturally Slim® 10-week online program. Most local libraries offer free internet access to the public. Lessons are available for viewing online each week for 10 days, averaging less than 60 minutes per lesson.

Do I have to pay for the program?

The Naturally Slim® program is provided at no cost to the participant (a $500 value).  Generous funding by the Quad City Times to the Metabolic Syndrome Initiative also covers the cost of the pre and post health screens. 

Is this just another type of diet?

The Naturally Slim ® program is not a diet. This program will teach you how to eat, but does not limit you to certain foods. You will learn how to enjoy your favorite foods responsibly.  Watch a sample video of the Naturally Slim® curriculum at

What is a health screening?

The pre and post health screen will test for blood pressure, height and weight, waist circumference, and 12 hour fasting blood draw for cholesterol and glucose. The health screen is required before the individual can participate in the class, and at completion to capture results of the program. 

How serious is this program?

Because of the high demand to participate in the program and a limited number of participants accepted, we ask that only those committed to completing the 10-week program apply. 

Affiliate Foundations

DeWitt Community Hospital Foundation
Genesis Foundation
Mercer Foundation for Health
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