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Newborn Home Visiting Program

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Schedule a visit today.

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Whether you are a new parent or experienced, consider an in-home nurse visit, courtesy of Genesis Family Connects. Genesis Family Connects supports parents by bringing health providers, community resources and families together. Our mission is to connect families with newborns with resources that nurture the whole family and support a child’s growth.

It’s about planting seeds for the future. Together, we’re growing healthy babies and making a more prosperous community.

Strong start...Strong future for all families.

Genesis Family ConnectsWhat can Genesis Family Connects do for you?

Having a new baby affects many areas of a family’s life. Genesis Family Connects nurses are trained to answer all kinds of questions and are knowledgeable about the wealth of resources in our community. Here are a few examples of how a Genesis Family Connects nurse can address your family’s needs:

  • Baby weight check
  • Mom health check
  • Breast or bottle feeding help
  • Postpartum depression screening
  • Understanding of childcare options
  • Understanding of new family dynamics
  • Back-to-work support
  • Help with bathing, diapering and swaddling
  • Safe sleep information
  • Management of infant crying
  • Financial resources
  • Playgroups and parent support groups
  • Early literacy information
  • Family planning advice
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Healthy home connections

Family Connects is a Community-wide effort

Research shows that when families use the Family Connects program, mothers feel less anxious; they learn about quality childcare options available to them; and, their babies need less emergency care at hospitals. This all adds up to a positive impact on the community.

Family Connects is impacting families in Scott, Clinton and Rock Island counties. Genesis is the first organization in the nation to take this evidence-based program outside of North Carolina.

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